Brand Concept

Using green building materials to provide energy-saving solutions for a better life.

Let more people understand innovative products through convenient consulting services.
To make choices easier and safer.

For more than 40 years in the polymer field, we continue to promote green and pollution-free industries.

We strive to take root in Taiwan and look to the world.

▶ Energy-saving glass: DRESDEN GLASS, DRESDEN SHEET

The exclusive patent "Nano-ceramic NF membrane" is adopted, which has good heat insulation and energy saving effect on the glued glass.
At the same time, we have mixed polymer materials with ceramic nano-insulating materials to extend the "DRESDEN SHEET" product.
It is suitable for tropical and subtropical areas, while effectively saving air-conditioning and lighting electricity costs, achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

▶ Environmental protection board material: CERO WOOD, DRESDEN FLOOR

CERO WOOD does not contain any wood flour and natural fiber, and can be 100% completely recycled.
It uses PS material, which has a strong structure and strong light resistance. CERO WOOD allows the material to be used in a wider range.
DRESDEN FLOOR is made of stone powder and plastic, with a snap button design, and a variety of colors, which adds a high-quality and fast choice to the indoor floor.
It does not contain any formaldehyde, can protect human health, has good weather resistance, and is mostly used in high humidity environments.

Combining the group's more than 40 years of polymer materials experience, we are committed to the development of environmentally friendly building materials and professional services. We look forward to more like-minded people to join us and continue to develop the green industry market.
Green building materials create a better life.

A better life starts with green building materials.