About us


ORIENTAL GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY founded in 2012, our company is a manufacturer of green building materials and a part of NAM LIONG GROUP’s commitment to developing a green and pollution-free industry.
Our company is mainly engaged in green building materials. Products include DRESDEN GLASS, DRESDEN SHEET, CERO WOOD, DRESDEN FLOOR, etc.

To know the product 

▶▶ Caring for the earth and sustainable management

We uphold the core values of "respect for life and care for the environment" and contribute to the green cause. We hope everyone will respond together.

▶▶ Simple choice

Energy-saving products can effectively reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the indoor space while achieving good home insulation effects, realizing real energy-saving and carbon-reduction.

Environmental protection board material can be 100% recycled, no added wood powder production technology, has higher weather resistance, solves the common defects of plastic wood such as cracks and warpage, and protects our forest environment.

Let us work together to contribute to the earth and move towards the true sustainable operation of the enterprise.

▶ Participated in the "The 28th Taipei Building Show" and won the "Excellent Exhibitor Image Award"


▶ Tainan Business News report