DRESDEN SHEET is an energy-saving acrylic board developed by using polymer materials and energy-saving product experience. It can be used for lighting hoods, greenhouses, outdoor railings, etc.

DRESDEN SHEET is a new material choice.

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Material characteristics


DRESDEN SHEET has the characteristics of light weight, high light transmission, high heat insulation, and good weather resistance. It's weight is only half of glass, and tensile and impact resistance are seven to ten times that of glass.

The service performance of DRESDEN SHEET is different from that of glass, which enriches market choices.

DRESDEN SHEET contains ceramic nano thermal insulation materials, which can effectively maintain the temperature of the space and achieve the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction.

  • Infrared (IR) (780-2500nm) radiant heat blocking rate exceeds 80%
  • Ultraviolet (UV) blocking rate reaches 99%
  • Effectively prevent harmful light (UV) from causing damage
  • There is no need for heat insulation paper, heat insulation film or heat insulation paint, which can avoid problems such as film peeling and repeated painting.

Common problem


DRESDEN SHEET is a kind of acrylic board (PMMA board) made of plastic and petroleum, which is a kind of polymer material.

  • Use brand new material, PMMA material from Taiwan's major manufacturer.
  • In order to maintain the quality, DRESDEN SHEET can be issued with a factory certificate when it leaves the factory.
  • Add UV absorbers to enhance the durability of the product

▶▶ New material

  • DRESDEN SHEET will not turn yellow, and the color will become uniform and deep in about 3-5 years.
    The color change of the board is not obvious.
  • DRESDEN SHEET will not become brittle and deteriorate.
    Over time, the physical strength of polymer materials will decline, such as stretching, impact resistance, etc., will drop by about 10-20%.
  • For example: material can withstand a continuous impact of 100kg, it will drop to 80kg.

▶▶ Other products

  • The sheets that are too cheap are easy to use old materials.
  • The sheets mixed with the old material will start to turn yellow locally within 2 years.
  • Because the doping of new and old materials will make the polymer more difficult to agglomerate, resulting in rapid decline, embrittlement, and deterioration of the physical properties of the product.
  • There are not many products on the market that can issue factory certificates.

Our products have more energy saving and heat insulation effects while ensuring performance, but still have a competitive advantage in price.

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Material comparison


DRESDEN SHEET application


  1. skylight panel, patio
  2. greenhouse
  3. Indoor and outdoor railings
  4. Compartment material
  5. Automotive materials
  6. Ship materials